Today, Moulding Tech operates at two production sites, one devoted to processing and transforming plastic materials and the relative assemblies, the other devoted to the production of polyurethane foam for packing and finishing.

The first site consists of fifteen robotized islands with ARBURG injection presses for thermoplastics with capacities from 50 to 300 tons.

The second site has seven polyurethane foaming islands with CANNON installations, as well as automatic presses and relative trimming lines.


The amount of our investment testifies to the strong commitment of our company to development and technological research, to offer our clients solutions that are perfectly in line with their needs.

In this sense, Moulding Tech strengthens its offer with a division devoted to finishing, interior upholstery, packing and logistics of the moulded products. Such complete service enables us to focus on the smallest details, both technical and esthetic, guaranteeing results of the highest quality, without margins of risk.

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